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Uniquely Yours Pet Care, LLC was created after many years of traveling myself and depending on trust worthy, reliable, and loving pet care.  Our mission is to care for your pets as we do our own! 

Stoli  - My very first dog, a yellow Labrador. He lived to be 13 years of age.  He is the reason I took an interest in dog training, rescue, and taught me the amazing joy of a dogs love.  He kept me very busy as my only dog for 6 years.  His wild and crazy spirit was all I could handle.  If a lab was known for it, he did it!  He taught me the importance of choosing a breed that best suits your family, and also the important lesson of a dog is for life!  The happy, funny stories of his life are still alive in our family today! He lived in the moment making the best of every minute!  Our journey came to an end in 2010 but I am certain he has a hand (or a paw) in all we do today.

George Killian - In 2003 a spontaneous decision was made to get a bulldog puppy, and it has certainly been the best decision I ever made.  Killian's accomplishments are endless but to name a few, he is a Certified Pet Therapy dog with Leashes of Love and has over 50 career visits to date.  His job is to make people happy and he does that well.  He and I have walked this rescue journey together and have fostered countless bulldogs.  He welcomes them all with love. We enjoyed 13 amazing years with Killian. He left us in 2016.



Mickey - After falling madly in love with the breed, I began to take an interest in rescue and decided to try fostering, our first "foster" dog came to us in 2006.  He is wild and crazy and has shown us the appreciation of giving the underdog a chance.  After many training classes, some 2 or 3 times, he was adopted and defies all stereotypes of the bulldog.  Walking 3 miles a day as a senior and wondering what we are doing next, he is our energizer bully 



Winston Churchill (Fondly known as Church) - Now a few years into rescue/fostering, I was heading home from work for lunch when I received the call, a bulldog is in the shelter and is at risk if euthanasia.  My immediate answer was, "I am passing that exit now, I will just grab him until after Christmas" December 19, 2008 we met, his life prior to this day was not the greatest but I thank his owners every day for taking him to the shelter, it was our fate.  After much training, he is now a loving wonderful member of our family. After much training, he became a loving, wonderful member of our family for his remaining years.



Samantha Jane - In January 2009, while spending a relaxing Saturday afternoon at a Heavensent Bulldog Rescue information table, I was talking with friends, buying some dog food and heading home to relax for the weekend.  That changed quickly when a family walked into the event with an 11 year old bulldog mix, handed over the leash and let us know they could no longer keep her.  This was her 2nd stop after her owner passed away when she was 9.  I was now her 3rd stop and I promised to be her last.  She was an old, cranky, not friendly dog to most.  What I saw in her eyes was a scared, confused, wise girl who just missed her mom.  We formed a bond quickly and amongst the craziness of our home, she found a spot to call her own.  Our almost 4 years together was one full of lessons for both of us, she knew love.  She left us in 2012 to reunite with her mom.  It is my hope her story will inspire one person to open their heart and home to a senior dog.  


Zoey Marie - We met in 2009 when she was 17 months old, her owner surrendered her to rescue because she had very little use of her back legs.  This timid, sweet puppy needed our help.  With the support of Heavensent Bulldog Rescue, it was diagnosed with Hemivertebrae, abnormal shaped bones of the spine.  After surgery and lots of physical therapy that dog is a memory.  We do still have Zoey though, a vibrant, sassy, wild, fully mobile english bulldog full of attitude!  She spends her days running around, bossing her siblings, and making her presence known in our home. She opened my eyes to the joy of a special needs dog. 


Charlotte Clare - New Years Day was normally a day of rest, maybe a visit to the Mummer's Parade.  On January 1, 2010 it was neither.  A dear friend contacted me about a puppy who was just turning 6 weeks of age, had already been sold twice by her "breeder" and was now being surrendered to the vet with spina bifida and completely incontinent.  After many years in rescue, having seen many cases such as these, I always said "I could never do that!" Truthfully, most dogs in Charlottes situation lose their battle early on to complications of spina bifida.  The least I could do was bring her home, show her love, and give her a life, even if it was a short amount of time.  Today Charlotte is almost 3 years old, happy and healthy.  She has completed numerous training classes, hoping to take over as a therapy dog someday.  Charlotte just received her CGC title and brings comedy, fun, and lots of laughter to our home everyday.  She enjoys the company of of our guests at Uniquely Yours Pet Care.  

Forrest (Fondly known as FarG) - Our newest foster is a young boy who just came to us in 2012.  When rescue received the call, he sounded exactly like Zoey.  Easy! We will fix him up and know he could find a great home.  It didn't take long to realize he was nothing like Zoey.  Forrest had no use of any legs, and everything was a struggle for him.  This one was tough.  We discovered it was not spina bifida or anything related, his spine was perfect.  After a few months of scratching our heads and stumping all of our vets, we opted to do an MRI.  Forrest's problem is his brain, his treatment involves teaching him to be a dog with physical therapy and acupuncture.  He has come a long way with the help of his amazing doctor's.  To support his journey visit his facebook page here


Buddy - Buddy's loss is still new and too painful to write about. We will add some kind words about this incredible member of our family as soon as we can. 








This is our family, rescue is our passion.  There have been countless others who have shared our home in between, but found their own family.  It is rare I seek a dog, they do a pretty good job finding me.  For more information on rescue contact us directly


Uniquely Yours Pet Care, LLC
Contact: Michelle Scharff
Phone: 856-904-4295





"Sensitive care at a sensible price" is truly the motto of Michelle Scharff.  I've been using her services for about a year now and I couldn't be happier.

My dogs love Michelle Scharff  more then us!!! She takes care of them like they are her own babies!!!. I recommended her to all our friends and family without reservation.

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